06 mars 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE 2017

WOODONE AT MIDO 2017 WOOD, HORN AND METAL FOR A GAME-CHANGING COLLECTION    The WooDone brand of wood eyewear from South Tyrol, inspired by the stunning landscapes of the Dolomite mountains, has added two new entries to its range that will be on display at Mido 2017.   Wood, the very heart and soul of the brand, has been teamed with horn and metal, creating precious, attention-grabbing styles and adding to a collection that is all about attention to detail and master craftsmanship.   The Horn Collection... [Lire la suite]

26 janvier 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE

OPTI 2017: THE WOODONE COLLECTION - WOOD MEETS NEW SOPHISTICATED MATERIALS   Woodone, the South Tyrolean brand of wood eyewear that draws inspiration from the magnificent Dolomite mountain scenery, introduces three new lines to the international audience at Opti.   Wood, the undeniable star and core essence of the brand, makes way for other materials, like horn, metal and crystals, thus spawning innovative combinations that showcase the masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into the frames.   ... [Lire la suite]
11 janvier 2017

lunettes ski modèle SC405 par WOODONE

SC405, THE FIRST SKI GOGGLES DESIGNED BY WOODONE   January 2017 - WooDone – the brand of eyewear made of wood that takes its inspiration from the breathtaking Dolomite mountain scenery – expands its product line with the launch of SC405, ski goggles whose innovative design and frameless technology are the first step toward a future version made of wood that will be available at the end of 2017.   The SC405 goggles, available starting in January, come with two interchangeable lenses that make them dazzle under any... [Lire la suite]
14 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE 2016

CHRISTMAS SEASON WILL SHINE WITH WOODONE EYEWEAR   Handmade by artisans with South Tyrol wood, WooDone eyewear is produced out of one piece of wood. Over sixty processing steps guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams.   For the Christmas season, WooDone frames will be dressed with a “Bling” special coating which make them sparkling!   Light Bling and Dark Bling from Dolomite collection are covered with... [Lire la suite]
15 décembre 2014

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE 2014

WOODONE -    Once again Silmo is a cardinal event for WooDone. In fact, it was in Paris two years ago that the collection made its debut – a collection that in just a few seasons has achieved some very ambitious goals for this Alto Adige-based company led by Thomas Oberegger and Klaus Tavella: 30,000 pair sold in 3,000 stores – 800 of them in Italy – in 36 countries, and participation in numerous industry trade shows. New is the introduction of a new kind of wood... [Lire la suite]
25 juin 2014

la collection WooDone édition été 2014

WooDone summer edition  The Made in South Tyrol brand presents its new sunglass collection with a special Flip-Flop two-color lacquered finish in violet and green/yellow WooDone never stops innovating and surprising. The brand, which hails from Varna (Bressanone, northern Italy) is back with something completely new for eyewear: a special lacquered finish in two color variations that adds color to the frame while maintaining the naturalness of wood and therefore the essence of the brand. Flip-Flop is... [Lire la suite]
07 avril 2014

découvrez la nouvelle collection de lunettes WooDone

WooDone presents a brand new innovation in the eyewear sector: a unique treatment that makes it possible to bend and adjust the wood of the frames!   Refined, extremely light, environmentally friendly and now also adjustable. WooDone never ceases to amaze and at Mido14 it will be introducing a world first in the field of wooden frames. After months of design and research, the style and design office of the company from South Tyrol has developed a special glue to bend wooden frames so they can be perfectly... [Lire la suite]
31 janvier 2014

nouvelle collection de lunettes CAMERON par WOODONE

WooDone eyewear introduces: CAMERON WooDone, done by nature, designed for your eyes. Each model is carved from a single panel composed of eight layers of chipboard obtained from recycled tree materials with certified origins from Alto Adige. Thanks to a special system that keeps the grain of the wood intact, maintaining its original continuity, these materials are used to cut the temples and the front of the glasses. This continuity is not even broken by the insertion of flex hinges, produced from a special alloy... [Lire la suite]