11 janvier 2017

lunettes ski modèle SC405 par WOODONE

SC405, THE FIRST SKI GOGGLES DESIGNED BY WOODONE   January 2017 - WooDone – the brand of eyewear made of wood that takes its inspiration from the breathtaking Dolomite mountain scenery – expands its product line with the launch of SC405, ski goggles whose innovative design and frameless technology are the first step toward a future version made of wood that will be available at the end of 2017.   The SC405 goggles, available starting in January, come with two interchangeable lenses that make them dazzle under any... [Lire la suite]

10 janvier 2017

nouveaux modéles de lunettes de la marque MODO

09 janvier 2017

nouveaux modèles de lunettes X-IDE été 2017

ART AND DESIGN COME TOGETHER X-IDE SPRING/SUMMER 2017 PREVIEW A brilliant combination of materials defines these unique frames where construction technique accentuates style design. AZALEA is a feminine style with a subtle cat-eye shape. A transparent acetate mask is applied to the laser-cut front – an innovative solution that highlights the color scheme while emphasizing the structure of this frame that is made exclusively in Italy with artisan craftsmanship. The ongoing quest for innovative materials and... [Lire la suite]
06 janvier 2017

collection de lunettes solaires modèles CALAMAR ET SEPIA de la marque XAVIER GARCIA

XAVIER GARCIA NEW METAL SUNGLASSES (AUTUMN / WINTER 2016)   This Autumn / Winter 2016, Xavier Garcia has incorporated "Vermouth" into his SUN collection with two new models. For the first time, designs made with metal are being introduced to the sunglasses collection. Two models from the SKIN collection (that play with metal sheets called "skins"): CALAMAR (Ø55) a revised version of one of the classic, universal sunglasses models: the aviator style. AND SEPIA (Ø51), for women, which is a trendy round... [Lire la suite]
05 janvier 2017

nouveaux modèles de lunettes par la marque LUNETTES KOLLEKTION

MODERN ARCHIVE – LUNETTES KOLLEKTION PRESENTS A NEW CHAPTER FOR OPTICAL CLASSICS Lunettes Kollektion announces a contemporary concept: a Modern Archive of eyewear merging updated yet iconic forms and traditional production with finely-tuned subtle design. This new family of classics holds a trusty companion for anyone seeking a subtle and balanced frame. It features a curated color palette designed to harmonize with the wearer’s appearance. The first edition of the Lunettes Kollektion Modern Archive includes 4 frames – one for... [Lire la suite]
03 janvier 2017

nouveaux modèles de lunettes K-571 K-568 K-575 de la marque KLIIK denmark

KLiiK denmark introduces frames K-571, K-568 and K-575     Interesting design elements - such as original finishes and subtle patterns – give the new K-571, K-568 and K-575 styles an upscale, Scandinavian-inspired look that is uniquely KLiiK denmark. The beautiful rich autumn colors are combined with refined details to create modern and striking frames for young women and men with smaller face shapes.   Perfect for the holidays, women’s style K-571 is an exquisite rendition of that time of the year’s... [Lire la suite]

27 décembre 2016

nouveau modèle de lunettes BEN de la marque OKO BY OKO

SENS (SANS) DESSUS DESSOUS AVEC LA BEN36 ! #okobyoko #pourelle #designexclusif #nylorinverse #createur #myoko #byoko   Fidèle à son identité, à sa signature et à son nom,  un nom aux valeurs fortes de différentiation, d’innovation, de confort et de qualité – OKO by OKO présente dans sa collection BEN, la monture acier nylor inversé BEN 36 qui va vous mettre sens (sans) dessus dessous !   Plus qu'un simple style de vie, c'est cet ADN de la marque que l’on retrouve dans ce modèle de la ligne BEN avec la... [Lire la suite]
21 décembre 2016

Nouveaux modèles de lunettes E-9137 et E-9138 par EVATIK's

EVATIK launches styles E-9137 and E-9138   Focusing on the use of materials in original and interesting ways, EVATIK’s new models E-9137 and E-9138 feature unique combinations of design elements and quality materials. The perfect balance between understated style and lightweight comfort make them the ideal accessory for today’s fashion savvy man.   With a retro inspired eye shape and a mixed material composition, model E-9137 will delight the stylish man in pursuit of originality. The stainless steel frame is... [Lire la suite]