23 novembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes OKO BY OKO 2016

  EXCLU : OKO by OKO by MLC INNOVATION MATERIAU : AVEC LE ‘MLC’ TOUT DEVIENT POSSIBLE, LA PREUVE EN IMAGE AVEC LA COLLECTION MIX. #MIX12 #MIX13 #MIX14 #co-injection #multi-effets #effetsdematiere #effetsgraphiques  En combinant les bénéfices de l’acétate et de l’injecté, un nouveau matériau est né.    OKO by OKO est heureux d’annoncer son partenariat exclusif OKO by OKO by MLC pour sa toute nouvelle collection MIX comprenant les modèles MIX12, MIX13 et MIX14 – uniques en... [Lire la suite]

04 février 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes BLACKFIN

THE BLACKFIN S/S 15 COLLECTION PREVIEW  ESSENTIAL DESIGN, EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY    January 2015 – For the coming spring, Blackfin, the all-Italian titanium eyewear brand, is once again living up to its style imperatives – clean, uncluttered lines, exclusive design details and colours with personality to match the people who wear them. The excellent quality of the material and the blend of traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology add up to a product that every time reaffirms its power in modern, linear... [Lire la suite]
02 février 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes MAD IN ITALY

NATURE TAKES SHAPE ON THE NEW MAD FUN FRAMES   January 2015 – Nature's creative impulse has left its mark on the new models in the MAD IN ITALY collection. With its three brands, MAD UP, MAD FUN and MAD IN ITALY, Vista Eyewear has rewritten the style of eyeglasses. At OPTI 2015, in addition to five new MAD IN ITALY models, three MAD FUN frames will be presented, that have been conceived exclusively for women with strong personalities.   The distinctive element is color, presented in all of its liveliest shades. The three... [Lire la suite]
23 janvier 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes MYWOODI

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone.  Une collection nouvelle et inattendue de lunettes en bois fait ses débuts à Opti. Couleur, caractère et prix imbattable sont les mots-clés en mesure de décrire la nouvelle marque.     MyWoodi est le dernier-né de WooDone, une société désormais très connue et prisée dans le monde entier pour sa collection homonyme de lunettes en bois dont la qualité est le fruit d’un haut travail de précision.  Avec MyWoodi, les deux fondateurs Klaus Tavella et Thomas Oberegger, ainsi que... [Lire la suite]
17 décembre 2014

nouvelle collection de lunettes YOHJI YAMAMOTO 2014

T H E  E Y E W E A R  L A U N C H   Since 1972, Yohji Yamamoto has been spreading his revolutionary, ever widening sphere of influence.  Driven by his desire to create anti-fashion through fashion his designs are avant-garde, yet timeless. Renowned for blurring the boundary between fashion and the arts,  he has influenced theatrical and cinematic fashion, and his work has been exhibited worldwide.   The Yohji Yamamoto eyewear collection takes inspiration from his original three-word... [Lire la suite]
15 décembre 2014

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE 2014

WOODONE -    Once again Silmo is a cardinal event for WooDone. In fact, it was in Paris two years ago that the collection made its debut – a collection that in just a few seasons has achieved some very ambitious goals for this Alto Adige-based company led by Thomas Oberegger and Klaus Tavella: 30,000 pair sold in 3,000 stores – 800 of them in Italy – in 36 countries, and participation in numerous industry trade shows. New is the introduction of a new kind of wood... [Lire la suite]

11 décembre 2014

Deux nouveaux modèles de lunettes IC!BERLIN

Two for two! We‘ve been nominated again!   This time for the Vision-X VP Awards. Twice! Star of our Something I want... to tell you collection of ladies frames Eye-popping has been nominated for ‚Best New Spectacle Frame‘,  and our hybrid aviator S25 Tegel has been nominated for ‚Best New Sunglass‘. How exciting!   Eye-popping is elegant, beautiful and indestructible, just like the ic! berlin woman. It is an oversized, modern take on the classic panto and browline shapes available in four... [Lire la suite]
09 décembre 2014

nouvelle collection de lunettes OKIA en fibre de carbone

OKIA: FOR THE FIRST TIME HDA® TECHNOLOGY MEETS CARBON FIBER      OKIA never stops surprising its clients and customers through the continuous development and improvement of its patented HDA® Technology. “Play with Carbon Fiber” is the latest collection launched by the Hong-Kong based eyewear company, and it represents something truly revolutionary: for the first time carbon fiber is mixed with HDA® Technology, with the result of a collection that is a masterpiece of... [Lire la suite]
26 novembre 2014

découvrez la nouvelle collection de lunettes de la marque MOSCOT

MOSCOT has added a precious new addition to the family, introducing, The Jewel Tone Collection! Debuting just in time for the holiday season, The Jewel Tone Collection features fan favorites, The LEMTOSH, HYMAN and MILTZEN in beautiful Jewel Tone colors, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby.  
21 novembre 2014

nouvelle ligne de lunette"EROTIK" par la marque OKO BY OKO

COQUINE, LEGERE ET SUGGESTIVE,  VOICI LA NOUVELLE LIGNE ’ErotiK@’ de chez OKO by OKO Paris BELLE & EBLOUISSANTE.     Pour la prochaine saison Automne-Hiver 2014-2015, OKO by OKO Paris dévoile sa nouvelle ligne optique métal 'ErotiK@' avec les modèles 'Joy', 'Victoria' et 'Leon' – reprenant les mêmes codes glamour et sexy que le modèle 'Emmanuelle' - directement inspiré du fauteuil en osier du film culte du même nom - précédemment dévoilé et qui, fort de son succès a laissé place à toute une ligne suggestive et... [Lire la suite]