03 mai 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes ART DECO par OKIA

OKIA INTRODUCES NEW HDA® COLLECTION INSPIRED TO THE TIMELESS ALLURE OF ART DECO       OKIA launches “Art Deco”, a surprising new collection that once again shows and highlights the extraordinary possibilities offered by the patented HDA® Technology in terms of creativity and eyewear design.   As a result of the ongoing research and improvement of this globally known technology, the “Art Deco” collection combines the high quality and impact resistance of High Definition Acetate with a unique... [Lire la suite]

25 avril 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes GALAXY GLACIER par OKIA 2017

OKIA TAKES YOU ON A MAGIC JOURNEY THROUGH OUTER SPACE WITH THE NEW “GALAXY GLACIER” COLLECTION     Whether you have a love for astronomy or simply enjoy gazing at the stars, the new “Galaxy Glacier” collection developed by OKIA will definitely satisfy your interest in outer space and its unexplored secrets.   Space style is a hot fashion trend that keeps on inspiring designers with galactic looks and futuristic materials aiming to create real “down to Mars” girls. The new “Galaxy Glacier” collection launched by... [Lire la suite]
24 janvier 2017

collection de lunettes LACE BRUSH par OKIA

OKIA CELEBRATES THE NEW YEAR LAUNCHING “LACE BRUSH”, A SPARKLING MASTERPIECE OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY     OKIA, the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its patented HDA® Technology, welcomes the new year with the extraordinary “Lace Brush” collection, an authentic explosion of lights and shining details.   Inspired by the magic atmosphere and colours of the celebration season, “Lace Brush” plays with precious hues of gold, silver and black and, thanks to the application of the 3D... [Lire la suite]
16 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes OKIA modèle TWISTED ON 2016

OKIA INTRODUCES “TWISTED ON”, A FUN MISHMASH OF COLOURS, PATTERNS AND TECHNIQUES     Capitalizing on the popular mix-and-match approach to eyewear and fashion, OKIA launches “Twisted On”, a surprising new HDA® collection.   “Twisted On” is inspired by the concept of mixing different colours, patterns and techniques into the eyewear in order to develop original accessories with a truly unique look. HDA® Technology has revolutionized the world of eyewear design introducing the possibility of choosing... [Lire la suite]
17 février 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes modèles "Glitter Stars" par OKIA

OKIA TAKES YOU TO OUTER SPACE WITH “GLITTER STARS”!     Galaxy prints are a fashion’s hot new trend. From nails and make-up colors to prints found in clothing, stylists and designers would like to create real “down to Mars” girls.   The new “Glitter Stars” collection launched by OKIA meets this increasing interest towards outer planets and the universe through extraordinary HDA® patterns that evoke a sparkling galaxy. Combining different acetate layers and metallic colors with controlled geometry or... [Lire la suite]
09 février 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes par OKIA

“HAND PAINTED WITH GLOSSY”: FROM OKIA RESEARCH, THE PERFECT MIX OF ART AND TECHNOLOGY      “Hand painted with glossy” is the name of the latest, extraordinary HDA® collection launched by OKIA.   Thanks to the evolution of the patented HDA® Technology, this unique collection brings eyewear design to a new, limitless level: each frame design becomes an art piece through the combination of hand painted graphics with glitter materials.  Any kind of hand painted pattern – such as... [Lire la suite]

09 décembre 2014

nouvelle collection de lunettes OKIA en fibre de carbone

OKIA: FOR THE FIRST TIME HDA® TECHNOLOGY MEETS CARBON FIBER      OKIA never stops surprising its clients and customers through the continuous development and improvement of its patented HDA® Technology. “Play with Carbon Fiber” is the latest collection launched by the Hong-Kong based eyewear company, and it represents something truly revolutionary: for the first time carbon fiber is mixed with HDA® Technology, with the result of a collection that is a masterpiece of... [Lire la suite]
01 septembre 2014

Nouveaux modèles de lunettes modèle "SHINE MINERAL" par OKIA

SUMMER IS IN THE AIR! DISCOVER THE “SHINY MINERAL” COLLECTION BY OKIA     Are you a summer addicted? Do you always dream of white sand beaches and crystal clear blue sea? Then the new “Shiny Mineral” collection launched by OKIA is waiting for you!   Entirely realized by means of the patented and well-consolidated HDA® Technology, “Shiny Mineral” takes its inspiration from the idea and feeling of gold sand. All pleasant and relaxing features of this natural element –... [Lire la suite]
19 juin 2014

OKIA se met au Bio collection de lunettes eco

BIO HDA®: OKIA THINKS GREEN!      Always committed to research and innovation, OKIA - the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its patented HDA® Technology – is proud to announce the official launch of Bio HDA®, a new eco-friendly High Definition Acetate.   Bio HDA® is made of Bio CA, a biopolymer deriving from renewable resources. Bio CA base material is a cellulose acetate mixed with a sustainable softener obtained from plant oils.... [Lire la suite]
26 mai 2014

nouveau modèle de lunettes OKIA par HDA TECHNOLOGY

OKIA: A NEW WORLD OF EXTRAORDINARY 3D DECORATIONS ALLOWED BY HDA® TECHNOLOGY      OKIA will not certainly go unnoticed at Mido 2014: the latest HDA® collection launched by the Hong Kong-based company is an explosion of three-dimensional decorations spreading along the frames’ fronts and temples that will live you breathless.   Each frame shows a series of multi-layered patterns inspired by the world of nature. Harmonious gradient colours complete the... [Lire la suite]