11 novembre 2011

nouveau modèles de lunettes par le créateur Manuel PERTEGAZ

NEW EYEWEAR COLLECTION 2011 Considered one of the classics of Spanish dressmaking, Manuel Pertegaz is pure elegance with a character noted for its sedateness, simplicity and the exquisite manner in which his ideas are expressed. The new collection of eyewear is very much along the same lines as other designs by this creator and is sure not to leave any of his followers indifferent. The women's models feature rounded, sophisticated shapes that convey femininity, while in the men's models we find more reserved, though very elegant... [Lire la suite]

10 novembre 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes NEW LENT 2011

NEW EYEWEAR COLLECTION 2011 Newlent is part of a selective collection of eyewear for men, women, children and the younger consumer at very affordable prices that is continually influenced by the current fashion trends. The new collection provides a response to all types of consumer with a range of eyewear styles in metal and acetate. The collection contains 40 models, each with 3 or 4 colour variations. The emphasis is on modernity and up-to-the-minute designs herald the return of re-invented moulded retro shapes in contemporary... [Lire la suite]