02 juin 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes Ogi Eywear printemps 2011

OGI EYEWEAR | INNOVATION COLLECTION | SPRING 2011 A glimpse into the future with the latest styles from Ogi’s Innovation Collection      To allow practitioners the ability to segment the collection into categories best suited for their office, the Ogi collection by Ogi Eyewear is being launched in three distinct categories: Ogi Heritage, Ogi Evolution and Ogi Innovation.   The Innovation Collection, home to Ogi's most elite models, proudly boasts the most fashion forward additions to the Ogi collection.... [Lire la suite]

31 mai 2011

nouveau modèle Okia

CREATE YOUR OWN PATCHWORK WITH OKIA! If you are tired of wearing ordinary and conventional glasses and what you search for is a special and customized accessory, the new Patchwork collection by OKIA is the perfect answer to your needs.   Inspired to patchwork design and philosophy, this collection considers the classic idea of pattern mixtures as a starting point while giving it a fresh, modern and funny twist. Cultural references deriving from different imaginative worlds are mixed together on... [Lire la suite]