09 janvier 2019

nouvelle collection de lunettes ÜX par X-IDE

  UX by X-IDEYOUNG AND IN STYLE  The young UX by X-Ide line by Immagine 98 introduces a new collection featuring clean, eye-catching lines sure to meet the needs of the younger set.While maintaining the artisan values the brand is known for, UX produces eyewear with a bold, glamorous flair, keeping pace with the latest trends and fashioned for all occasions. Doris, for girls, distills charisma and style in a cat-eye frame that is... [Lire la suite]

14 novembre 2018

nouvelle collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA Silmo 2018

Xavier Garcia’s new collection is all about the material. The colours and shapes of the frames work together to form timeless pieces. Each frame is an object of design, created with a delicate combination of the contemporary and the classic. Xavier Garcia embraces the work of an artisan where a set of multiple laminates and volumes are melted together with superb craftsmanship. Playing with the volumes and architecture, he fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends. The... [Lire la suite]
11 octobre 2018

nouvelle collection de lunettes DOLABANY EYEWEAR 2018

Je vous invite à découvrir la collection Dolabany Eyewear, qui débarque en France en cette rentrée 2018.Cette griffe, créée et designée par Mark Dolabany aux Etats-Unis depuis plus de 25 ans, y connait un immense succès , notamment dans le monde des acteurs ( Kieffer Sutherland ( Designated survivor ) ; Johnny Depp, Zacchary Quinto ( Série Heroes, Star Trek ), Justin Timberlake , entre autres.Design résolument moderne, à tendance retro dans l'air du temps, plaques d'acétate Mazzucchelli, confort , légèreté... Charnières OBE .En... [Lire la suite]
10 mai 2017

découvrez la nouvelle collection de lunettes PLUG & SEE

Plug & See c’est une seule paire de verres avec une forme standardisée qui s’adapte sur une infinité de montures, de formes, de couleurs ou de matières différentes.  

10 mars 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes RYE&LYE MIDO 2017

RYE&LYE A MIDO 2017: SHAPES WITH GENEROUS PROPORTIONS AND FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP   February 2017, Stunning acetates and metal detailing for Rye&Lye’s latest collection of eyewear at Mido 2017, with out-of-the-ordinary and attention-grabbing styles that are veritable masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship. All Rye&Lye frames mix past and future with the sophisticated allure of their retrò shapes and use of innovative materials and leading-edge technologies, making these eyeglasses design objects true and proper, to be... [Lire la suite]
09 mars 2017

Nouvelle collection de lunettes MODO eyewear 2017

MODO eyewear vous présente au travers de la collection printemps/été ses nouvelles réalisations illustrées par des concepts innovants, de nouvelles formaes, et une palette de couleurs renouvelées. PAPER-THIN Acetate Sun 450 CRYGD+NUDE R 1000 + tTitanium MRED + NUDE
07 mars 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR 2017

Red Rose Introduces New High-Density (HD) Acetate Spectacles   At Vision Expo East (VEE) 2017, Red Rose will release the Bianchi and the Milan, both of which provide superior strength and style in an ultra-lightweight construction of high-density (HD) acetate. This new material allows for a slender profile and even more resilience. Representing a step forward in optical design, the Bianchi and Milan take minimalism, Red Rose’s guiding philosophy, to the next level.   Bianchi The Bianchi is a vintage-inspired cat-eye... [Lire la suite]
06 mars 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE 2017

WOODONE AT MIDO 2017 WOOD, HORN AND METAL FOR A GAME-CHANGING COLLECTION    The WooDone brand of wood eyewear from South Tyrol, inspired by the stunning landscapes of the Dolomite mountains, has added two new entries to its range that will be on display at Mido 2017.   Wood, the very heart and soul of the brand, has been teamed with horn and metal, creating precious, attention-grabbing styles and adding to a collection that is all about attention to detail and master craftsmanship.   The Horn Collection... [Lire la suite]