09 novembre 2018

nouvelle collection de lunettes HOET Couture Silmo 2018

      Nous aimerions vous présenter les derniers modèles de la collection Hoet Couture: H5 en F5 !                                H5 et F5 sont les tout derniers modèles de la collection Hoet Couture. À nouveau des formes classiques, mais avec de nouvelles structures. Ici aussi, la flexibilité de la matière est exploitée pour monter... [Lire la suite]

05 octobre 2018

Nouvelle collection BLACKFIN automne 2018

BLACKFIN – COLLECTION AUTOMNE 2018   La nouvelle collection de lunettes Blackfin regorge de particularités. Ces caractéristiques représentent la vision de la marque où le titane interprète un nouveau concept de technicité sophistiquée qui s'exprime dans les modèles pour la prochaine saison.   De nouveaux usinages, des associations de matériaux divers, une proposition de coloris qui fait de la couleur un élément dominant : une nouvelle évolution du style de la marque, dans le sillon de la collection... [Lire la suite]
26 septembre 2018

nouvelle collection de lunettes ULTRA LIMITED

    ULTRA LIMITED PARTNERS WITH OPTICAL AGENCY IN HOLLAND     September 2018. Ultra Limited – eyewear brand owned by the young Italian 450 Srl, that has made uniqueness, artisan craftsmanship and color its trademark – announces a partnership agreement with Optical Agency for distribution of its prescription eyewear frames and sunglass collections in the Netherlands.   Founded in 2010 by Onno Korsen and Annemieke Diepeveen, Optical Agency supplies quality prescription eyewear frames and... [Lire la suite]
21 septembre 2018

nouvelle collection de lunettes EBLOCK EVOLUTION

DATE 2018   NEW SOUL FOR THE “BLOCK BRAND” MAKE ITS DEBUT EBLOCK (R)EVOLUTION   The launch of the new line is part of a wider context of the brand rebranding, logo restyling and a brand new communication strategy to keep up the times. An absolute novelty, three of the new models are available with photochromic lenses.     EBLOCK -  young and dynamic Made in Italy glasses brand, known for the exclusive and patented blocking system Easy Block, for the closure of the circle – presents the brand... [Lire la suite]
20 septembre 2018

nouvelle collection e lunettes WONDERLAND par OKIA

EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC WORLD OF OKIA WITH THE NEW “WONDERLAND” COLLECTION!     OKIA is pleased to announce the launch of their “Wonderland” collection, a surprising mix of high technology and fashion that once again highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to unconventional design and innovation.   As the name suggests, the new collection takes its inspiration from the magic world of wonderland and gives it a modern twist thanks to the application of UV printing. Soft shades of light pink,... [Lire la suite]
13 septembre 2018

Nouveaux modèles de lunettes OGI, SERAPHIN et BON VIVANT

New Additions from Ogi, Seraphin and Bon Vivant     MINNEAPOLIS, MN — As the seasons begin to change, so does our approach to delivering diverse style and design choices in each of our lines.     Astrid – Bon Vivant Dig into the earthier tones found throughout the Astrid. With handpicked color options blended to reflect a revered status of maturity, Parisian architecture comes alive in the most subtle of details.     9246 – Ogi With the 9246,... [Lire la suite]

10 septembre 2018

Nouvelle colelction de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen

  When frozen flowers inspire eyewear design August 2018Press release: Flowers captured and photographed in melting ice blocks led to new shapes and colors in Fleye's AW 2018/19 collection "Flowers of Denmark". Fleye is introducing 41 new frame designs in a wide color range. Fleye Copenhagen creates eyewear with an appreciation of... [Lire la suite]
06 septembre 2018

meilleur vente des lunettes de la marque MODO

        7012 TEAL   The Teal R 1000 frame pairs an eye-catching color with innovativeand modern materials. 4515 BLSTT This Paper-Thin Acetate frame combines our remarkably lightweight titanium with a beautiful Blush Tortoise Acetate semi-rim.  
05 septembre 2018

nouvelle colelction de lunettes INVU modèle 90S Retro

Zurich, August 2018   INVU LAUNCHES 90S RETRO FASHION STYLES Today’s latest fashion is drawing on several trends from the 1990s. Cargo pants, platform sneakers, overalls and bandanas are all making a comeback. The designers from Swiss Eyewear Group took major inspiration from this period when they designed a series of small INVU ovals, squares and hexagonal stainless steel sunglasses. The highly fashionable candy colored lenses along... [Lire la suite]
03 septembre 2018


               Groupe OKO PARIS LUNETTERIE 2018    COURANTS COSMOPOLITES. LUNETTE INTEMPORELLE. STYLE RETRO. zOOm SUR LA LUNETTE métal NY25 collection NEW YORK   #pourelle #gooddesignforgoodpeople   Cette collection New York (NY) porte bien son nom puisqu’elle s’inspire de courants cosmopolites et pluriculturels à l’instar de cette ville souvent décrite comme « la capitale du monde ».  Elle s’inscrit parfaitement dans l’ADN de... [Lire la suite]