05 octobre 2018

Nouvelle collection BLACKFIN automne 2018

BLACKFIN – COLLECTION AUTOMNE 2018   La nouvelle collection de lunettes Blackfin regorge de particularités. Ces caractéristiques représentent la vision de la marque où le titane interprète un nouveau concept de technicité sophistiquée qui s'exprime dans les modèles pour la prochaine saison.   De nouveaux usinages, des associations de matériaux divers, une proposition de coloris qui fait de la couleur un élément dominant : une nouvelle évolution du style de la marque, dans le sillon de la collection... [Lire la suite]

29 mars 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes ELBLOCK 2017

NEW EBLOCK COLLECTIONS: ACETATE AND METAL FOR A PERFECT FUSION OF STYLE.   The optical brand “with block” expands  his range and bet on the Made in Italy acetate of the Company Mazzucchelli. More, comes to life the BE-Original collection.   Craftsmenship, heritage, innovation: these are the fundamental and distinctive values of the E-BLOCK brand that was able to contaminate the tradition with innovative technologies. Though, shape  refinement, the importance of the materials and expressive effectiveness of... [Lire la suite]
27 mars 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes COCO SONG AWARD 2017

COCO SONG AWARD: ANNOUNCED THE FIVE FINALISTS OF THE TALENTED YOUNG DESIGNERS COMPETITION     The names have finally been revealed of the five finalists of the first edition of the Coco Song Award, a competition sponsored by Area98 in collaboration with the Harim Accademia Euromediterranea to offer young design talents a chance to give their own interpretation of the celebrated Coco Song collection.   “Zhe Zhi” by Selene Cassarino, “Dissect” by Roberta L’Episcopo, “Roots” by Roberta... [Lire la suite]
20 mars 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes BURDI 2017

BUDRI EYEWEAR LAUNCH A LIMITED EDITION IN  EXCEPTIONAL MARBLE Fifteen exclusive pieces from a unique marble quarry   Budri, Italian excellence, world-famous for its exquisite marble craftsmanship, after the Paris debut with its eyewear, presents an extraordinary  collection, with new designs and outstanding  colour variants.   Due to the complexity arising from the material itself, making eyewear in marble demands constant research and experimentation, not necessary with other materials. The types of... [Lire la suite]
02 mai 2012

nouveau modèle de lunettes HDA 360 par OKIA

OKIA INTRODUCES HDA 360° COLLECTION, THE REVOLUTION OF HDA® TECHNOLOGY     A new sensational goal has been reached by OKIA through its patented HDA® Technology: HDA 360° is the name of the revolutionary collection resulting from OKIA’s latest developments in high definition eyewear.   HDA® Technology is already renowned in the international world of optics and design as an extraordinary technology that allows the realization of unlimited colours and lifelike patterns on... [Lire la suite]
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03 février 2012

nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires VICTORIO & LUCCHINO EYEWEAR

NEW SUNGLASSES COLLECTION FOR 2011 Victorio & Lucchino are characterised by their luscious style with a perceptible Andalusian personality. Their lively designs, with a balanced combination of cultures, captivate a sophisticated and elegant customer, a lover of form. This season they offer a collection of sunglasses with a large square or rounded silhouette, in either acetate or metal. This collection, besides the classic black, shows a dominating warm colour range, watered prints and leather textures which give it great... [Lire la suite]