02 juin 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes Ogi Eywear printemps 2011

OGI EYEWEAR | INNOVATION COLLECTION | SPRING 2011 A glimpse into the future with the latest styles from Ogi’s Innovation Collection      To allow practitioners the ability to segment the collection into categories best suited for their office, the Ogi collection by Ogi Eyewear is being launched in three distinct categories: Ogi Heritage, Ogi Evolution and Ogi Innovation.   The Innovation Collection, home to Ogi's most elite models, proudly boasts the most fashion forward additions to the Ogi collection.... [Lire la suite]

31 mai 2011

nouveau modèle Okia

CREATE YOUR OWN PATCHWORK WITH OKIA! If you are tired of wearing ordinary and conventional glasses and what you search for is a special and customized accessory, the new Patchwork collection by OKIA is the perfect answer to your needs.   Inspired to patchwork design and philosophy, this collection considers the classic idea of pattern mixtures as a starting point while giving it a fresh, modern and funny twist. Cultural references deriving from different imaginative worlds are mixed together on... [Lire la suite]
27 mai 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes Vanni et Derapage 2011

nouveaux modèles de lunettes vanni et Derapage 2011 www.vanni-paris.com www.derapage-eyewear.com
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25 mai 2011

collection de lunettes Polar pour les juniors

REVERT INTRODUCES ITS NEW POLAR JUNIOR COLLECTION  Bright colors, eye protection and ultimate comfort are the key features of the children’s sunglasses collection   POLAR ORIGINAL SUNGLASSES SINCE 1993     Dynamic, vibrant and full of energy, the Polar trademark has always set itself apart for its modern and lively essence, capable of engaging, most of all, the younger crowd. This new brand for children is inspired by the same vision: creativity, color and fun are in fact the key ideas behind... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2011

toute la collection de X-IDE 2011

NEW X-IDE® SITE NOW ON LINE The website of the widely-acclaimed Immagine Eyewear brand has put on a new look with original graphics inspired by fashion and design magazines   It’s back – after a creative and innovative makeover – the official website of X-IDE®, historical brand of the Italian manufacturer based in Calalzo di Cadore that has consistently distinguished itself for its bold personality and dynamic style. The restyling is part of a broader communications strategy designed to create more direct and interactive... [Lire la suite]
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19 mai 2011

Gong Li porte des lunettes Swarovski ay Festival de Cannes 2011

Gong Li wearing Swarovski Eyewear at the at the 64th Cannes Film Festival 2011 in Cannes.
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16 mai 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes enfants Kidoko par OKO Eyewear 2011

KIDOKO – DES LUNETTES ENFANTS BELLES A CROQUER …  AVEC KIDPEPITO, KIDCAT & BISKID, ON S’EN LECHE LES RETINES !   Pour les lunettes enfants KIDOKO du groupe OKO EYEWEAR, interview avec le designer maison David BEDDOK… pour cette nouvelle collection 100% acétate Made in Italy. Qu’est-ce qui vous paraît le plus important dans une monture destinée aux enfants (matière, design, couleurs, garantie) ? « Côté matière, pour cette nouvelle collection enfants, nous utilisons principalement de l’acétate... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes de nouveau eyewear 2011

NOUVEAU EYEWEAR EXPANDS ITS DISTRIBUTION OF UMBRO AND NICKELODEON COLLECTIONS, SECURING 15 NEW COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE   The positive feedback received during two of the major international eyewear events - Mido and Vision Expo East in New York - put Nouveau Eyewear well on course to successfully pursue its expansion process and distribute its collections to new pivotal markets. Following the spectacular results of the two international exhibitions, Nouveau Eyewear, an American company that for more than... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes femmes 20 20 40 =HD 270° par OKIA

OKIA LAUNCHES BRIGHTLY PATTERNED WOMEN’S COLLECTION, 20 30 40 = HD 270°     OKIA introduces 20 30 40 = HD 270°, an incredible new eyewear concept for women. Utilizing the company’s state-of-the-art HD 270° Technology, 20 30 40 = HD 270° is designed specifically for women of different ages.   The collection takes its inspiration from a garment that has become the number one item of clothing and an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe – fashionable leggings. Loved by women of all ages,... [Lire la suite]
06 mai 2011

nouvelle collection de lunettes Rye & Lye 2011

EW RYE&LYE® COLLECTION RYE&LYE® is a creative laboratory which offers a niche product. For each collection, the style department transports an idea, a sensation, or an image and transforms it into objects of design, known as eyewear. Last year the leitmotif of the entire collection was Africa. In fact, in the following season, RYE&LYE® presented the women’s project KU-TUA in a collaboration with Alessandra Soresina, an extraordinary woman who lived for months in the savannah with lions. The most recent... [Lire la suite]