09 janvier 2019

nouvelle collection de lunettes ÜX par X-IDE

  UX by X-IDEYOUNG AND IN STYLE  The young UX by X-Ide line by Immagine 98 introduces a new collection featuring clean, eye-catching lines sure to meet the needs of the younger set.While maintaining the artisan values the brand is known for, UX produces eyewear with a bold, glamorous flair, keeping pace with the latest trends and fashioned for all occasions. Doris, for girls, distills charisma and style in a cat-eye frame that is... [Lire la suite]

03 janvier 2019

nouvelle collection de lunettes femme par LACE PATTERN pour OKIA

OKIA INTRODUCES A NEW FEMININE COLLECTION INSPIRED BY LACE PATTERN     OKIA is proud to present its latest extraordinary goal, reached through a continuous research and improvement of the patented HDA® Technology: the new “Fascinating Lace” collection is indeed a really surprising blend of high technology and fashion that will seduce the feminine public through its glamorous elegance.   Inspiration can come from anywhere and, thanks to the incredible opportunities opened by the HDA® Technology, OKIA is able to... [Lire la suite]
19 décembre 2018

nouvelle collection de lunettes acétate XAVIER GARCIA Barcelone 2018

      Barcelona, November 2018_Xavier Garcia embraces the work of an artisan where a set of multiple laminates and volumes are melted together with superb craftsmanship. Playing with the colours and architecture, he fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends. Each frame is an object of design, created with the delicate combination of the contemporary and the classic.  Discover the AW 2018 Acetate Collection: a... [Lire la suite]
06 novembre 2018

Nouvelle collectionne lunettes COCO SONG Silmo 2018

SILMO 2018 COCO SONG: HANDCRAFTED MASTERPIECES INSPIRED BY THE MYSTERIOUS ORIENTAL CULTURE, FOR THE WOMAN WHO WANTS TO FEEL UNIQUE     Area98 welcomes the new Coco Song collection, a famous eyewear brand known all over the world for its inspiration drawn from oriental contents, colors and atmospheres.   The precious elements that have always distinguished the brand - silks, dried flowers, feathers - are combined with exclusive acetates and innovative color combinations to create highly refined frames,... [Lire la suite]
21 juillet 2017

nouvelle collection de lunettes EVATIK Juillet 2017

EVATIK July 2017 releases     EVATIK welcomes two new summer styles that harmoniously combine interesting textures, refined finishes and luxury details with the clean design that distinguishes the brand. The latest eyewear and fashion trends are elevated with top quality materials and contemporary color options to create an understated yet sophisticated style for the modern, cosmopolitan man.     Looking for a linear yet elegant style? E-9148 is the perfect fit thanks to its rich design elements. The... [Lire la suite]
22 mai 2017

MYMUSE by OKO à Cannes. Un amour de festival. Les lunettes solaires Audrey & Juliette jouent les stars au 70e Festival de Cannes

    Les lunettes solaires Audrey & Juliette  jouent les stars au 70e Festival de Cannes.   MYMUSE by OKO* à Cannes. Un amour de festival. *PARTENAIRE DU BLOGDECANNES.FR         Le groupe OKO et le festival de Cannes au travers du blogdecannes.fr, c’est déjà cinq ans de mariage et d’amour au générique duquel apparaissent en stars le glamour, la création et l’élégance.  Pour saluer cette romance-anniversaire durant la mythique quinzaine, le créateur-lunetier présente ses... [Lire la suite]

19 août 2015

Nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires HACKETT

The lenses, the spring hinges, the acetates; every gram of each Hackett Bespoke Sunglass has been carefully crafted using only the finest parts, materials and techniques. Whilst colouration is classical, the styling is never old fashioned. The fit is immaculate, the finishes impeccable; this is great British eyewear at its most authentic.2015 will see the launch of the first Hackett UTX sunglasses. HSB838 as worn by Jeremy Hackett on the catwalk features graduated faded acetate with a retro nod. With this new innovative UTX... [Lire la suite]
02 juillet 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes enfants BUTTERFLY par ZOOBUG

the ZOOBUG SUNGLASSES collection 2015. Butterfly is a sophisticated fashion shape for girls, handcrafted in acetate and available in 5 gorgeous on-trend colours. Polarised grey tinted lenses (UV400 +Cat 3) will ensure your child's eyes are protected from the sun's rays. Colours pictured: New Royal Blue, Purple and New Mint. Also available in Pink and Black Scribble. For more information about ZOOBUG's line of high quality sunglasses, designed for children, visit www.zoobug.com.  
30 juin 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes MYWOODI

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone.   Manufactured in Italy, using wood from around the world,  MyWoodi eyewear features a clean, linear style that is ultra-modern and extremely cool.  The light, playful and totally tasteful wooden eyewear is priced aggressively, placing it within range of everyone’s budget. Featured in the first collection are 12 styles - 5 sun wear and 7 vision wear -  in 6 different types of wood and colors.  Composed of eight layers of wood, their exciting chromatic nuances are... [Lire la suite]
24 juin 2015

nouvelle collection de lunettes COCON SONG

COCO SONG COLLECTION SOLEIL : LE GOÛT D'UN ORNEMENT PRÉCIEUX   Mai 2015 – La nouvelle collection de lunettes de soleil signée Coco Song, la ligne d'Area98 consacrée aux personnes qui savent s'exprimer à travers leur style charmeur, est un hymne à la sensualité et à l’élégance féminine.    Inspirée de l’opulence étincelante des anciens empires d’Orient, cette collection comprend quatre modèles entièrement faits main, qui proposent les éléments iconiques de la marque. Ainsi, au fil des ornements en soie... [Lire la suite]