The purism of the shapes for a timeless elegance




NIRVAN JAVAN, the Swiss brand that takes its name from the young designer with Persian origins, Nirvan Javan, is debuting at OPTI with an eyewear line in which the purism of forms, choice of high-quality materials and timeless style define the frames and sunglass collections.


NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR is presenting two collections, sunglasses and the optical collection, which is divided into two lines: acetate and metal. All the models were designed with the maximum attention paid to styling and details, the quality of the materials used and the forms, which are made to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer.


“The interaction between simplicity and perfection is what gives NIRVAN JAVAN’s products their character. It is the person that that brings this to life.” – Nirvan Javan



The NIRVAN JAVAN brand came to life with an acetate frames collection, which today is made up of twenty models available in seven matte colours with no logo.


In September 2018 the brand added a metal line which is made up of six optical frames available in four colours, all of these in a matte finish: gold, rose gold, silver and black. BECAUSE I CAN is the campaign slogan that accompanied the metal collection launch, and which is inspired by the designer's story: everybody should be motivated to live their dreams and believe in themselves. An intense pursuit of perfection dedicated to all those who want to live a contemporary style for a timeless elegance.


Lastly, during the debut at the Munich trade show NIRVAN JAVAN completes its range with a new collection of five unisex sunglass models which uphold the brand's stylish line: clean lines, classic colors and Carl Zeiss lenses. 



Man: NJE 02 (BK2)



This frame in matte acetate and pastel hues creates a soft effect that highlights an elegant and purism style. The collection's most admired model goes perfectly with various looks, from elegant to formal to casual sporty. 


Women: NJE 10 (TP2)


This elegant and discreet frame, in a classic oval shape, acquires a new personality thanks to the choice of colours. Delicate semi-transparent pastel hues accentuated by the matt finish give grace and weightlessness to the frame. 

Unisex: NJE 11 (BR2)


The most iconic unisex acetate model is presented in a new shade of wood-effect opaque brown, almost a subtle reference to Nature. A warm and elegant hue which enhances the beauty of its wearer. 



Man: NJE 25 (RG1)


A frame with a large, round shape reminiscent of bohemian style.  The vintage lines and the shades of gold emphasize the timeless and unobtrusive elegance, creed of the Swiss brand. The extraordinary quality and resistance of the metal make the frame perfect for the lifestyle of the contemporary man.

Women: NJE 22 (SR1)


This model captures the spirit of time and comes in slight retro look. A traditionally masculine frame appears here in a new, elegant and refined interpretation thanks to a choice of colours ranging from gold to silver and back.



Man & Women: NJE-S12



The sun collection remains true to the Swiss brand’s stylistic characteristics but adds the technology of Carl Zeiss lenses. Unisex models are also available with polarized lenses which strike the right balance between aesthetics and the functionality of visual wellness.