The just-released X-Ide collection epitomizes a look of contemporary timelessness. All the frames are named for the sophisticated colors that convey their core essence.
“Acquamarina” is made for the woman who never lacks individuality, a classic oversized square frame, it makes a color statement by mixing acetates that produce uniquely spectacular hues. This style showcases the masterful, meticulously creative craftsmanship typical of the brand.
Combinations of different materials take center stage in the new X-Ide collection. Elegant, ingenious frames, skillfully crafted as true works of art for everyday wear.
“Lilla”, is a round oversized frame, skillfully fashioned with top rim in a combination of metal and enamel and temples in acetate embellished with a rhinestone designed to illuminate the wearer’s face, making it the ideal accessory for the classic woman who loves a touch of glamour.
Through flawless attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship, the brand brings back tailored elegance in its collections. Visually communicating a passion for research into the use of materials, it reaffirms its commitment to creating objects that are always innovative and unique. 
Both styles are the consummate encapsulation of the artisan craftsmanship and design research that can be found in all of the brand’s collections, entirely made in Italy from the finest materials and with thoughtful attention to even the smallest details.
All X-IDE eyewear by Immagine 98.




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