New Additions from Ogi, Seraphin and Bon Vivant



MINNEAPOLIS, MN — As the seasons begin to change, so does our approach to delivering diverse style and design choices in each of our lines.


Astrid – Bon Vivant

Dig into the earthier tones found throughout the Astrid. With handpicked color options blended to reflect a revered status of maturity, Parisian architecture comes alive in the most subtle of details.


9246 – Ogi

With the 9246, imagination knows no bounds, with full plumes of playful hues blended throughout this softened geometric shape. Individuality runs deep with every detail found in the options of the 9246.


Fuller – Seraphin

A timely take on the resurgence of metals, the Fuller breaks through boundaries with this modified P3 version for the modern trend-setter.




Counter cards, frame stands, and banners are available upon request.