logo MIC

Enter MIC, the eyewear that “visually narrates” the Dolomites

MIC, Made in Cadore, will make its official debut at MIDO. The first collection, coined and crafted 

in the Italian eyewear district, draws its inspiration from the Dolomite landscapes


January 2018 - Blue skies, white snow, green pastures, the warm colors of fir bark, all expressed through the clean lines and simplicity of stainless steel and acetate.


This is MIC, Made in Cadore, the boldly ambitious design project started by a group of local companies that, under the creative guidance of designer Tiziano Tabacchi, decided to narrate and interpret the story of the birthplace of Italian eyewear through a new brand.


MIC-Made in Cadore is more than a brand; it is also a challenging project that aims to retrace forgotten pathways to rediscover the purity of the source.


Indeed, MIC-Made in Cadore is a “land-driven brand of eyewear” that brings together a pool of professionals who all share a single, great desire: to narrate the artisan roots of eyewear that originated at the feet of the Dolomites. Back in 1878, Angelo Frescura opened the first eyeglass frame factory in Italy. Here, today, an idea has taken shape that aims to blend the tradition of typically-Italian know-how with design innovation and research. 


The Dolomite Mountains are the common denominator and the distinctive trait of MIC frames, both in the choice of colors and in the definition of the shapes. Easily-recognized in the logo, the irregular thicknesses and the modeling of the letters retrace the silhouettes of the mountains, graphically creating a natural micro-landscape.


In a kind of “recurring cycle of history”, right from here, where Italian eyewear had its origins, the journey begins again with a great challenge. And in accepting the challenge, we begin by looking to the source, to mother nature, to the magnificent Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site.


To understand the value of the MIC collections and grasp the meaning of the entire project, you must go there, to the base of the Mountain, breathe the sharply pungent morning air and watch the sun turn the rocks to glowing pink; you must walk the silent paths among the forest trees and become drunk with the scent of resin and humid earth. You must listen.


Attention to detail and the allure of the local identity are constants in the MIC collection. In fact, the eyewear bear an iconic element on the hinge in honor of the unmistakable profile of the mountain.


Initially composed of 12 styles, 8 for prescription eyewear and 4 for sunglasses, MIC is designed for the evolved consumer, male or female, over 30, who chooses their eyewear with awareness and a discerning eye, conscious that wearing MIC means wearing a piece of Italian tradition.


Utmost loyalty to the land, to its shapes, to its colors. This, in essence, is MIC. Even the people who appear in the ad campaign, created for the launch of the collection, are only from the Cadore area.


The MIC eyewear collection will be presented to the market at the forthcoming Mido - the international eyewear trade show, set to take place in Milan February 24-26 – with an original APECAR parked in Corso Italia (in front of the entrance of halls 1/3) and at Immagine98 booth (pad. 2 – stand S45 T50), the company in charge of distribution.