A unique accessory that transforms the frame - strictly in acetate Mazzucchelli - giving it an even more modern and distinctive charm.


Coherence, research and reliability are the main elements of EBLOCK brand but, also, creativity! Starts from here the idea of a unique “object” that change the eyeglass in a fashion accessory, super fashion: the magnetic clip-on. With a simple gesture, accosting the dark lenses to the front – a classic model in acetate Mazzucchelli – the frame turns into a sunglass. A perfect marriage among the block distinctive sign of the collection, the revolutionary and patented eblock system of closure of the circle and the magnet of the clip-on.


In the last years, Eblock has laid the foundation for an important growth path, supported by the great know-how of the producing Company – Som Eyewear – that claims 40 years of activity in the glasses industry. From this expertise, enriched by the enthusiasm and the desire to propose something new, they have created a distinctive brand. The band has been able to contaminate the tradition with technological innovations, giving to the collections a contemporary breath.


The Eblock signed clip-on has been designed and developed to be perfectly matched to the glasses – in acetate – forming a natural part, integrated with the design of the frame: not a foreign body but two souls that coexist in the same object.  There comes a structured frame, ideal in the “dark” version.

For the launch of the sun clip-on – available in stores since September 2017 – Eblock has also launched an alternative campaign: a story telling that animates a short video, 30 seconds of frames to tell a story and, at the same time, the essence of a brand.

Eblock is your #messaggiodistile, even under the sun. Summer and winter!