27 décembre 2016

nouveau modèle de lunettes BEN de la marque OKO BY OKO

SENS (SANS) DESSUS DESSOUS AVEC LA BEN36 ! #okobyoko #pourelle #designexclusif #nylorinverse #createur #myoko #byoko   Fidèle à son identité, à sa signature et à son nom,  un nom aux valeurs fortes de différentiation, d’innovation, de confort et de qualité – OKO by OKO présente dans sa collection BEN, la monture acier nylor inversé BEN 36 qui va vous mettre sens (sans) dessus dessous !   Plus qu'un simple style de vie, c'est cet ADN de la marque que l’on retrouve dans ce modèle de la ligne BEN avec la... [Lire la suite]

23 décembre 2016

nouveaux modèles de lunettes métal par XAVIER GARCIA

XAVIER GARCIA NEW THIN METAL IN A REFINED STYLE    Xavier Garcia’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 is bold and sophisticated. As part of the STRUCTURES family of metal-framed glasses, the Catalan brand adds three new models built out of STEEL BLOCKS: a structure that takes away the inner rims to produce neat designs that make lens mounting easier. Reduction of the thickness frames and cut down of material on the bridge, the end pieces and the temples produce fine steel block designs that are lighter, more flexible and altogether... [Lire la suite]
21 décembre 2016

Nouveaux modèles de lunettes E-9137 et E-9138 par EVATIK's

EVATIK launches styles E-9137 and E-9138   Focusing on the use of materials in original and interesting ways, EVATIK’s new models E-9137 and E-9138 feature unique combinations of design elements and quality materials. The perfect balance between understated style and lightweight comfort make them the ideal accessory for today’s fashion savvy man.   With a retro inspired eye shape and a mixed material composition, model E-9137 will delight the stylish man in pursuit of originality. The stainless steel frame is... [Lire la suite]
20 décembre 2016

nouveau modèle de lunettes F3567 par FYSH UK 2016

FYSH UK introduces model F-3567     The unique combination of design elements - a key inspiration for this season’s FYSH UK collection – gives model F-3567 an interesting and eyecatching look designed for women looking for fashionable and original styling.   With its subtle yet attractive styling, stainless steel model F-3567 is a fantastic everyday fashion accessory. The thin contoured silhouette of the modified rectangular shape gives this frame a unique and soft look. The delicate... [Lire la suite]
16 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes OKIA modèle TWISTED ON 2016

OKIA INTRODUCES “TWISTED ON”, A FUN MISHMASH OF COLOURS, PATTERNS AND TECHNIQUES     Capitalizing on the popular mix-and-match approach to eyewear and fashion, OKIA launches “Twisted On”, a surprising new HDA® collection.   “Twisted On” is inspired by the concept of mixing different colours, patterns and techniques into the eyewear in order to develop original accessories with a truly unique look. HDA® Technology has revolutionized the world of eyewear design introducing the possibility of choosing... [Lire la suite]
15 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes XAVIER GRACIA hivers 2016

XAVIER GARCIA NEW SKINS MODELS WITH A RETRO LOOK   Xavier Garcia for Autumn-Winter 2016-17 adds three new designs to the SKIN collection. The metal family Structures continues to experiment and complete the offer with new vintage styles and retro moods: metal foils called "skins" create unique designs that are full of character and energy. The Structures family – inspired by minimalist architecture - is expanding with the models JANET, JOANA and LAREDO. JANET is diligent... [Lire la suite]

14 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes WOODONE 2016

CHRISTMAS SEASON WILL SHINE WITH WOODONE EYEWEAR   Handmade by artisans with South Tyrol wood, WooDone eyewear is produced out of one piece of wood. Over sixty processing steps guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams.   For the Christmas season, WooDone frames will be dressed with a “Bling” special coating which make them sparkling!   Light Bling and Dark Bling from Dolomite collection are covered with... [Lire la suite]
13 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes KOMONO 2016 suite

KOMONO UNVEILS ITS SPRING/SUMMER 2017 CORE AND CRAFTED  SUNGLASSES COLLECTIONS The SS17 Crafted Collection is a perfect blend of pure balance, architectural vision and depth of detail. For Spring/Summer 2017, Komono continues its exploration of luxury, craftsmanship and design with a line of 15 impeccably finished pieces of eyewear. The new collection includes both fine Italian acetate frames and featherweight metal proposals, all complemented by meticulous and refined construction: precision hinges and immaculate... [Lire la suite]
12 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes KOMONO 2016

KOMONO UNVEILS ITS SPRING/SUMMER 2017 CORE AND CRAFTED  SUNGLASSES COLLECTIONS     Komono, the Belgian watches and eyewear brand globally known for its unique combination of fashion details and quality production, is pleased to introduce its Core and Crafted sunglasses collections for Spring/Summer 2017.   For its SS17 Core collection, Komono ventured into the unique North African landscape of Marrakech. Navigating the chaotic streets and majestic mountains, Komono absorbed the color palettes, textiles,... [Lire la suite]
09 décembre 2016

nouvelle collection de lunettes BLACKFIN ELEMENTO 2016

BLACKFIN ELEMENTO   Pureté des matériaux. Pureté des lignes. Pureté des formes.     Le titane, le matériau par excellence de Blackfin, rencontre un nouveau métal précieux, l'or : c'est ainsi que nait la série Blackfin Elemento.  La pureté prend forme dans six modèles proposés en édition limitée, plaqués or 2 microns 24 carats. Le métal noble n'est pas exhibé, mais forgé dans des détails élégants qui illuminent la monture, en faisant ressortir les couleurs typiques de la marque. Le luxe doit être l'expression... [Lire la suite]