Capitalizing on the popular mix-and-match approach to eyewear and fashion, OKIA launches “Twisted On”, a surprising new HDA® collection.


“Twisted On” is inspired by the concept of mixing different colours, patterns and techniques into the eyewear in order to develop original accessories with a truly unique look.

HDA® Technology has revolutionized the world of eyewear design introducing the possibility of choosing among unlimited colours and motifs and customizing them based on the brand DNA. Thanks to the 3D Block technique – which blends HDA® patterns with sparkling solid materials – OKIA is able to go one step further and to exponentially increase the number of patterns and colours that can be realized on acetate.

The “Twisted On” concept combines the patented HDA® Technology with the 3D Block technique creating wonderful new designs that are laminated inside the acetate. Moreover, the CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) technique - that matches acetate with shining materials and allows random or controlled patterns with an extraordinary non-delaminated effect – is applied on the new frames to produce a sparkling effect and to enhance the feeling of gradient layers and colours with a really sensational outcome.


“We’ve seen a greater tendency or desire by customers to mix different inspirations,” says Jacky Lam, OKIA Managing Director. “That’s why we decided to give the classic idea of pattern mixtures a fresh, modern and funny twist”.

Design elements deriving from different imaginative worlds are mixed together in the new “Twisted On” collection, creating super fashion and high-tech accessories for unconventional people.


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