The 2016-2017 edition of the Lookbook – was realized in the location of the “Museo dell’Occhiale“ and is an homage to the Cadore Valley, its history and its cultural, artisan and historic heritage


Beauty, elegancy, artisanship, attention to detail and creativity are distinctive elements in the world of eyewear production. Values that are shared in full by EBlock, brand of excellency amongst the Cadorian eyewear brands and well known for its iconic Easy Block cube. EBlock is the manifestation of eyewear of the highest technical content and important research in style.


The fundamental liaison with the territory of its very origin has found its greatest visible expression in the Lookbook 2016-2017. The Lookbook is not a mere “catalogue” but a real introductive guide to world of eyewear production and the EBlock universe from the very beginnings up to present days.


Nearly a hundred pages cover the history of the production process of this important eyewear district in the heart of the Dolomites, using historic pictures that give a vivid testimony of its cultural and artistic heritage accompanying the product “optical frame” through time.


The main part of the Lookbook is an introduction to the EBlock world and explains the important details of the collection – from the Original collection to the latest arrivals, the Vibe, passing through the various families of the brand, Side and B-Side. The final part of the Lookbook takes a more iconographic view and contains modern photographs as well as important historic pictures. A combination of the two created ad hoc in order to underline the fact that real innovation today is achieved by giving special value to the past. The reclamation of tradition as well as artisan - and entirely Italian - production have to be reinterpreted and used in a strategic manner.


Today EBlock combines the past, the present and the future by interlacing them with style, innovation and tradition. The new lookbook is an icon of this approach: a visible expression of the philosophy of a brand on the borderline between “old” and “new”, dedicated to continuous change.


Side Circle - Model EB-12 S132(0)