KLiiK denmark Fall 2016 Collection


The Fall 2016 collection from KLiiK denmark is inspired by the beautiful rich colors of the autumnal season. Incorporating interesting design elements such as layering, metallic accents and original finishes, the new styles boast an upscale, Scandinavian-inspired edgy look that is uniquely KLiiK denmark.


For the ladies, 7 new styles are unveiled and each of them incorporates out-of-the-box design elements, superb colors and fun textures.


Model K-562 is a semi-rimless, stainless steel frame with a modified clubmaster shape that adds a new twist to an iconic style. The on-trend revisited retro look has a contrasting colored bridge that ties into the two tone color palette of the design. With a textured pattern on the front and temples for added depth, K‑562 is available in Ink Black, Bronze Brown, Purple Black and Grey Grape.



Featuring a retro look that will remain timeless, style K-564 has a sought after square shape that is flattering to most face shapes. The mesmerizing eclectic color palette of the frame is contemporary and unique. Indeed, the handmade acetate frame is molded in a way that each individual frame is a one-of-a-kind work of art. K-564 is available in exciting colorings of Ash, Indigo Berry, Camel Black and Blue Green.



Designed for the petite woman with a strong sense of style in mind, style K-565 will emphasize her beautiful eyes. Laser-cut highlights dress the top and borders of this flattering modified cat-eye shape for an uplifting and soft look. K-565 is available in matte hues of Brown Gold, Purple Rose, Black Orchid and Ink Blue.



A digitally printed plaid pattern winds its way through the perfectly proportioned cat-eye of model K-567 for a subtle yet contemporary styling. Three-layer acetate of a pearlized solid tone on the front and a lighter fun hue with a touch of shimmer on the inside add extra dimension to the frame. K-567 is available in earthy tones of Pine Green, Storm Grey, Deep Cobalt and Brown Sahara.




Style K-569 is a semi-rimless cat-eye frame that builds on the current trend of mixed materials with a stylish result. The stainless steel frame features a frosted, semi-transparent TR-90 overlay on the brow bar, which adds depth to the design. The contrasting colors of the TR-90 against the rich tones of the metal provide a striking look with soft overtones. Offered in a rich, romantic color palette of Mint Grey, Ink Blue, Red Black and Crystal Crimson, K-569 is a must-have for the fall. 



Ingenuity and charm stem from model K-570. The rounded square shape of this stainless steel frame will fit the petite consumer to a T. A high-gloss epoxy layer with a wood grain pattern is transposed against the matte base of the frame and mimics an acetate look. K-570 is available in shiny hues of Ink Blue, Brown, Red and Black.



Perfect for the holidays, style K-571 is an exquisite rendition of that time of the year’s shimmer and spirit. The stainless steel cat-eye shape is enhanced with a two-tone coloured epoxy embedded with glitter for a festive look. The color contrasting brow bar, a key eyewear trend for 2016, gives this style depth and character. Available in merry hues of Gold Caramel, Stone Black, Black Emerald and Brown Eggplant, K-571 is the perfect holiday accessory


For men, 3 new styles are released this fall. With strong masculine shapes and a creative use of color and details, the new designs are modern and striking. 


Model K-563 has a rectangular shape with two-tone coloring for neat and smart aesthetic. With sophisticated styling details such as an overall matte finish and laser etched piping that adds a bold pop of color, K-563 is impressive with its subtle ingenuity. K-563 is available in contrasting color combinations of Navy Orange, Grey Green and Khaki Silver.



With its vintage inspired square shape and distinct brow line, style K-568 nods to the past in a beautiful way. The distressed color finish and subtle laser engraved pattern on the temples add contrast and texture to the uncluttered frame. Featuring spring hinges for added comfort, style K-568 is available in antique patinas of Distressed Blue, Distressed Brown and Distressed Gray.



Rectangular frame K-575 is an unassuming yet modern frame that will add panache to any style. The acetate frame comes to life with its horizontal two-tone color blocking and decorative rivets that bring a masculine touch to the design. K-575 is available in understated colorways of Black Gradient, Brown Gradient and Grey Gradient.


KLiiK denmark is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit www.kliik.comor www.westgroupe.com.